At Close to Home we know that a varied and nutritionally balanced diet is essential to every child’s development and active participation during their time at Close To Home and home.

Depending on the session attended, children will enjoy a morning snack and/or afternoon snack, and a healthy home-cooked lunch or dinner served with pudding. In addition to milk or water at meal times, drinking water is available throughout the day.

All of our children have their own plate, bowl, cup and cutlery set, giving them a sense of belonging. We encourage independence and involve the children in everyday tasks such as setting the table, washing up and meal preparation. Including the children in elements of the food preparation routine gives the opportunity to discuss healthy eating and diet. This holistic activity helps children to develop a healthy mind and promotes overall well-being.

Our personalised approach ensures our staff support you and your child, as your baby develops their diet from milk to purées, to finely chopped, chopped and then regular food. Our key-worker system ensures that you are supported and your childs routines are mirrored.

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Our delicious home-cooked meals and approach to meal times ensure any child’s eating habits are developed with patience, understanding and encouragement.

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